Oslo Norway

Norway's capital city has a beautiful setting at the head of a 70 mile long fjord. The population of Oslo is about a half a million and it is a city that has a cosmopolitan feel with lots of night life and arts and culture. The people of Oslo tend to be very active and fit in this very "green" city boasting many parks, beaches, biking and hiking paths. The [...]

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Traveling thru the mid south part of Sweden is awesome. If you like lack of tourists and to see the true Sweden , check out the Dalarna area. It boasts gorgeous lakes, hills ,ski areas and adorable towns. Catch the local girls wearing their traditional Swedish dresses in the charming villages of Tallberg and Nusnas, both located on Lake Siljan. Check out the Dala Horse factory in Nusnas. The wooden, [...]

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The Hurtigruten is a group of 14 small transport ships that travel up and down the West coast of Norway.  The ships stop at  numerous small towns on the coast and in the Fjords delivering passengers, goods and mail to all those living there. The ships travel year round and offer many seasonal opportunities for the passengers to engage in. You can travel the entire length from Bergen in [...]

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Bergen Norway

Just the start to a three week jaunt around Norway, Sweden and Estonia. We hit Bergen today on a gorgeous, sunny, warm day(that is if you consider 58 warm????) The Norwegians were standing in long lines for that special ice cream treat. Brrrrr....  After having flown all night and changing planes in Amterdam we arrived into the small and charming airport of Bergen Norway, located on Norways west coast and [...]

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